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Description : Sales Agents to sell commission based ad promotions for our online classifieds to new clients. B2B.
Responsibilities Include \ offering our online classifieds as a way for Business's & Individuals in your local community to reach the virtual online community of potential customers .
You will be accountable for selling ad promotions and collecting on the account. Must be a self starter , communicator, with a proven ability to work alone. Selling ad promotions is a quick and easy sale. You must have an active mobile tech such as Laptop, Tablet ,iPad or other w/Internet access. ( if you don't have Internet access you can work in areas with hot spots [free Internet access].100%  open-commission paid weekly, if work at least 4-days a week you can earn $1000-up weekly uncapped. (averaging $190/hr or a day depending the schedule you choose.
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Entry Level Independent Ad Sales Agent  / USA & CANADA
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