Customer Service Agent /Cellular

location: USA / CANADA
job code#4567800

As a cellular phone agent you will provide customer service for the numerous major companies we provide cellular customer service for. You must be ale to work from a remote location home or office. You will provide account information, billing questions and take payments. In this position you will call 1-800# and log into a virtual site with screen prompts for every call answerd and enter the customers information, look up account information and give the nessesary service needed for each call. Must be able to use a Windows database and maneuver quickly between multiple screens while on the phone.   Flexibility to work any shift, including weekends and holidays. You must maintain compliance with all guides lines and deliver exceptional customer service.

Compensation: $16.00/hr weekly pay + bonus structure  + overtime pay on sat-sun. Choose own schedule full or partime. {holidays}

Qualitative Requirements
Excellent interpersonal skills are a must.
To become successful as a cell phone sales representative, a candidate should possess exceptional communication skills, both orally and have basic computer skills.   You must have excellent interpersonal skills, and be able to interact effectively with customers. 

You must provide your own internet access, toll free-numbet & fax with a quite enviorment to work in and a full office enviroment  Please be ready to work ASAP & have all necessary productivity equipment. We recommend ring central office
 & shoeboxed for your daily work get them both  (click here)

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2. fill out application

3. on your fax resume (include job#4567800 on resume page)

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