Comparison Representative
Comparison Representative

Many Reps are now needed to visit local retailers in your area, for price comparison of different consumer products, ie grocery,  department stores, auto dealership, toys stores, pharmacy, auto parts store, apparel, pet stores, home improvement stores etc...

You will visit 5-10 stores per assignment with a list of consumer products. The list will include the a picture of the product, product name & brand, On your products list you will write down the product price, weight, bar code number, and store name. Your product list will include between 50-100 products per list. Example you will gather price comparison on 10 products or more per store. 

( You cannot look these products up & gather their information from the web, because you will need the series of numbers that are under the product barcode to complete your comparison list, you must physically visit each location to get the correct information)

Once you have completed your product list , your assignment has been completed. Once you are issued your comparison price list each assignment must be completed within 7-days of the date on the list sheet. You may request no more than 5 products sheets at a time. You may work full or partime, if you request 5 sheets at a time they must all be returned completed within 7-days. -You will need to fax & submit your comparison sheets to  the Company. & have secure file access. We recommend ring Professional fax & GoToMyPC get them booth use free trials click here

50-100 products list sheet completed will be paid $165.00 per sheet.
Payment will be issued within 72/hrs after you have returned your list. payment made through postal mail check or paypal [your choice].

Once you have completed a brief application and faxed back your resume', you will be assigned a district manager in you zip code area. Your manager will contact you to further help you get started and set up to work. fax resume : 1-800-917-2654 (toll free)  attn: Mildred Gaddis

You will be compensated for gas, but you must return a gas station original receipts within 30-days of all your assignments. Your manager will discuss this with you, if they do not , you must ask them about your gas mileage reimbursement check.

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