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                 How to BEAT A Speeding Ticket!  

In todays world we have enough problems without the need to worry about the consequences of getting a speeding ticket. Did you know that if you get a ticket you could be facing a big fine, suspension of your license, higher insurance premiums, and even cancellation of your insurance. In extreme cases you could face jail time! Or you could... 

                       BEAT THAT SPEEDING TICKET! 

Here's some of what you'll learn... 

about radar detectors and jammers! what to do when you are stopped! 
              if you should fight, plea bargain or pay the fine! 
              how to plan ahead! 
              your basic rights! 
              what to do in court! 
              about radar, laser and photo laser units! 
              about common cross examination questions! 
              and about other types of tickets like: 
                    u turns 
                    red lights 
                    stop signs 
                    and more! 


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How To Make Money 
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