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People interested in getting paid $600 or more bi- monthly, for putting an advertisement on their own vehicle.

People willing to drive a brand new, free car, truck, or SUV with an advertisement already on it. 
This is getting popular and spreading around the USA and Canada. Hurry and join today. Start applying now before the word spreads too fast about these special programs being offered to drivers, you want a chance to get in on these deals!

How Does This Work:
• Companies pay you to drive around in their cars.
• They also pay you to drive around with their advertising on your car.

Join Now And Get:
• Unlimited access to the database of available companies in The Get Paid To Drive Online Company Listing. The Listing has the companies for you to apply to for a FREE car or to get paid to drive!
• Get company web site addresses and online applications.

How Is This All Possible?
Again, there is NO CATCH, NO HIDDEN COSTS! The sponsor companies will let you drive their NEW cars FREE or PAY you to drive your own car just for decorating the car with their messaging! They are looking for new and innovating ways to advertise!!!!

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                 How to BEAT A Speeding Ticket!  

In todays world we have enough problems without the need to worry about the consequences of getting a speeding ticket. Did you know that if you get a ticket you could be facing a big fine, suspension of your license, higher insurance premiums, and even cancellation of your insurance. In extreme cases you could face jail time! Or you could... 

                       BEAT THAT SPEEDING TICKET! 

Here's some of what you'll learn... 

about radar detectors and jammers! what to do when you are stopped! 
              if you should fight, plea bargain or pay the fine! 
              how to plan ahead! 
              your basic rights! 
              what to do in court! 
              about radar, laser and photo laser units! 
              about common cross examination questions! 
              and about other types of tickets like: 
                    u turns 
                    red lights 
                    stop signs 
                    and more! 


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How To Make Money 
From Home
Learn very useful and important information on how you can make money from the comfort of your own home. 

You will receive
"How to beat a speeding ticket"
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4 Most Popular Questions

Are there other fees to pay after joining?
No, the one time membership fee is a one time only fee. 
Or signup for FREE membership here

How long will I be contracted to the company for?
With most companies, by accepting their car or ad, you must agree to drive for a minimum of 12 months

Can I choose the ads that go on my vehicle?
Usually, the only grounds for refusal are if the driver has a disagreement with advertisement. The companies do not want participants to advertise for products which they have a moral disagreement with.

I do not feel comfortable using my credit card online, is there an alternative payment method?

We maintain a detailed directory of the best ad companies in the world that offer free cars, complete with contact information and direct access to their applications. This will save you a great deal of time, and will increase your chances by applying to several companies at once! You could be applying to several advertising companies just minutes from now! 
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